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Monday, 14 June 2010

Undercover at the Dusit Thani

Front enterance of the Hotel
Amazingly Tim Beard had managed to squeeze me into the legendary Dusit Thani hotel in Bangkok for my last day in Asia, and i worked both lunch and evening services. There was so much that I could have learnt there, but the political situation (and subsequently the closing of all but three of their restaurants) prevented me from achieving it.

Making Nam Prik Om
However, the one day that I did spend in the kitchens was great. I started off with an introduction with Chef Erwin and his deputy Phillipe. I was then given the grand tour of the restaurants and kitchens - only three were open and one was prepping – and then was invited to join the head chefs for their daily briefing.
Stuffed Prawn, pork and crab claws
I then was invited to join the Thai restaurant, Benjarong, to learn how to prepare some of their dishes, including Stuffed Crabs and Crab Claws, Nam Prik Num, Nam Prik Rua, Gaeng Som Pla Chen, Pork Satay, Sweet Pork and Pomelo salad. Chef Siriwat was a great help and talked me through all the recipes and methods, even demonstrating some of them too me including the Nam Prik ong, Stuffed crabs and Pomelo salad. I stayed with them for three hours or so.
Ingredients for Nam Prik Rua
Then in the evening, at 6pm I joined the Vietnamese restaurant, Thien Duong. Again, they were more than hospitable. Even though they had no customers whilst I was there, they demonstrated to me (and got me making) their version of summer rolls, Deep fried Summer Rolls, Vietnamese Ravioli and Prawn on Sugar cane sticks. They also talked me through the different dipping sauces used with each dish.
Nam Prik Om - stir fried until dry
From there I went to The Pavilion kitchen, which is the main buffet area for evening dinner and breakfast. I was in the kitchen and was taught how to make Thai Green and Red curries as well as Pad Thai.

All in all this was a fantastic experience and I just wish more restaurants had been open (Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Steakhouse) so that I could have spent more time in each of them, learning the ropes.
Happy Cooking!

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