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Monday, 14 June 2010

Soul Food In Nowa Sol, Poland

Me (left), Zaneta (Middle) and Anjali (Right) outside ABFoods, Poland
Anjali Pathak and i were asked by the guys in HR at our outpost in Poland, to come over for their summer festival. Allsorts of things kicked off over the weekend including music concerts, funfairs, food and other Polish frolics. Anjali and i were demonstrating our specialist cuisines, Indian and Oriental respectively, and we made quite an impact! People on both days jumped onto the stage to help us prepare our dishes - the enthusiam to learn new recipes was inspirational and with the help of Zaneta (our ABFooodsPolska fixer) we made a real impact over the two days.

The stage upon which we 'performed'!
It was quite intimidating standing up in front of the people of Nowa Sol and having to have everything translated by a translator. I cooked a selection of dishes from a variety of cuisines including a Chinese Sichuan-style stir fry, Japanese Teriyaki Salmon and Thai Chicken Satay, using Blue Dragon products. Everything went without a hitch thanks to the great handymen on site, Zaneta and my 'assistante' Anjali!

Hopefully we will be invited back next year to demonstrate some more exciting and exotic Oriental and Indian dishes...

Happy Cooking!


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